Welcome Back Friends!

Safety Corner

*Speed limit is 10mph for all vehicles including bikes, golf carts, and scooters.

*Lights must be on at night.

*Please wear light colored clothing and something reflective when you are walking in the dark. We recommend carrying flashlights.

Construction Update!

Bathrooms will be added inside the Pavilion, the floors will be sanded, and other improvements will be made. It will be unavailable for use this season. We will have a large tent for the holidays.

The covered patio behind the Activity Center will have roll-up sides added to help keep it warm in the winter.

Community Fire Pit

We supply firewood for the fire pit behind the Activity Center. This wood is not for personal site use.

Join the fun on “Fireside Fridays” beginning November 10 (weather permitting)

Please keep safety in mind at all times! No liquid fire starters please.

Fitness Center

  • Treadmills, elliptical, stationary bikes, all-in-one workout machine
  • Free weights and yoga balls
  • Broken machines have been replaced or repaired
  • Last one out please turn out lights

No one under 18 permitted

We will be adding three new park model homes this summer! If anyone is interested, please contact the Reservations office for details.

Belle Parc Caring Group

  • This group can assist with meals if a guest is in the hospital or other needs for assistance
  • Simple things such as taking the trash to the dumpster or delivering mail and packages to your site
  • Food pantry in the Activity Center – leave it if you have it; take it if you need it
  • Please make the Office staff aware if you or someone you know needs any assistance
  • Just call 352-593-5852 (Option 1) or email to
  • All information will be kept confidential
  • So many of us do not have family nearby, and we want to be there for each other

Tis the Season for Snowbirds!

Our seasonal guests are beginning to arrive so please do not park on empty sites. If you need something specific, please contact the office.

Laundry Facilities

  • One facility is behind the Maintenance Bldg.
  • One facility is behind the Fitness Center
  • Purchase rolls of quarters at Reservation office, Mail Center, or Activities Office
  • If you find a machine that is out of order, please let front office know which machine number & at which facility so a work order can be submitted
  • Please use the dedicated pet washer/dryer in Maintenance laundry for all pet beds, blankets, etc.

We love our Pets!!

  • All pets must be walked on a 4-6ft non-retractable (fixed) leash.
  • Guest must be with pets at all times when outside, and within 6ft of pet.
  • Please visit our fenced Barc Parc near the off-site storage area for your pets to enjoy off-leash time!
  • As always, pick up your own pet poop immediately!

Maintenance and Grounds

  • Please call the Reservation office at (352) 593-5852 or email for all work requests including streetlights out, internet modem requests, loaning mowers, malfunctioning washer/dryer, broken fitness center equipment etc.
  • Mowing is currently being done as needed. However, we are expecting to get more rain this season than typical ,so expect more mowing, and please ensure all yard items are picked up.
  • Due to safety concerns, please refrain from adding rocks or anything hard around light posts, plants, trees, etc. You must have an approved Site Improvement Request form before making any changes to your site, including plantings. Please request the form from the Reservation office.
  • 8cu ft yard Dumpsters are in 3 areas of the Resort (in the Off-Site Storage area, behind the Laundry/Maintenance Building on Gathering Way, and on Destination Way in the back part of the Resort; these are marked on the Resort map. Absolutely no items should be left outside dumpsters.
  • There are local Convenience Centers for large trash items. More info is available at the office and on our TV Channel 3 Guest Guide.
  • Please do not use the large roll-off dumpster in the off-site storage area as it is for maintenance / grounds use only.
  • Breaking down all boxes before placing in dumpsters allows more room for others to put trash in. We appreciate your help.
  • Do not attach anything (nails, screws, etc.) to picnic tables ,or decks on the lakefront; do not make cuts or holes in the wood. Cuts and holes allow water to

Pickleball Courts

  • 3 courtsavailable behind Reservation Office
  • No parking available
  • Many guests like to use so please be considerate of others if waiting

Propane Delivery – Wednesdays

Sign-up sheet in Mail Center on the counter

Class A, B, and C only

Payment due upon receipt, cash only

Reservation Office (352) 593-5852 – Option #1

  • Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, Sat 10am-4pm, closed Sunday
  • Call or email for work order requests (leave a message if after hours)
  • Making payments – call, email, or stop by to make payments
    • If you would like us to make your monthly payments (1st or 15th) automatically, please complete an Auto Pay form in the office
  • Check out our Belle Parc clothing, hats, and tote bags for sale!
  • If you plan to be gone from your site for an extended period, please ensure you notify the office and let us know if someone else in the Resort will be watching your RV, or if you are taking it with you. Please remember that you must have an escort back to your site anytime you are returning with an RV.

Mail Center (352) 593-5852 – Option #4

  • Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, Sat 10am-4pm, closed Sunday
  • Please pick up mail/packages daily as we receive over 100 packages per day during season!
  • Very large and heavy boxes must be picked up directly from the delivery truck; we have no place to store those. Plan accordingly when items are being shipped or shipment could be refused.
  • A Lost and Found box is located on the counter in the Mail Center lobby.
  • Brochures for local “Things to Do” can also be found in the lobby.

Line Dancing

Activity Center

Sat -Beginners   3pm

Monday             10am

Wednesday        10am

Friday                 10am

Monday Golf League

Sign-up in Activity Center

Mondays at Rivard

See Mike site #143 for questions

Mah Jongg

Sun, Tue, Thurs 2pm – Belle’s Place

Please come by if you want to learn or just enjoy playing!

Site # vs. 911 address

Each site has a 5-digit number on the light pole. This is for law enforcement  and 911 only. If you call 911, give them your location as the 5-digit number of site or building, and street name where you are, so they can find the emergency quickly.

If you call the Sheriff to complete a VIN identification you would also give them this 5-digit number.

For deliveries, please use the three-digit site number. This is the number on our map.

Mailing address for all guests is 11050 Elliots Way, site#__, Brooksville, FL 34601

Water Exercise

at the pool

Tuesday              4pm

Thursday           4pm

Book Club – Belle’s Place

Beginning December 3 at 7pm. Book to be read is A Giver of Stars by Jojo Moyes.

Veterans Day at the Pool!

Saturday, November 11, Noon-4pm

Live music and free food.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Dinner will be provided by Belle Parc to all registered guests. Details will follow.

Eccentrics Stretching

Activity Center

9am Mon, Wed, Fri

Chair Yoga

Activity Center

Mon, Wed, Fri 8:30am


  • Guests should come inside the Activity Center to the Activity Office to purchase tickets.
  • Activity dates and times may change as our winter events get underway.  You will receive a weekly email beginning in mid-November, at your email address on your reservation.
  • The Activity Office will be open mid-November 10am – 2pm.
  • If you would like to receive this email at a different email address, please contact our Reservation office.  We can only send these mailings to one email address.

Cash Bingo – Weekly

Starts Thursday, Nov 16

Booze Bingo – Monthly

Will start in December

Poker – Welcome Center

Tuesdays & Thursdays


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