Hurricane season runs June 1 – November 1

Belle Parc has no buildings that are rated safe for hurricanes and there are no tornado shelters anywhere in Florida. However, in an emergency, if you cannot get to a store such as Dollar General, Walmart, or Publix, the block buildings at Belle Parc such as the bath house, activity center restrooms, welcome center restrooms, out of the view of windows are the safest places we can recommend.  

You can find more information at www.hernandocounty.us by clicking on Emergency Management under Departments, or see the recent email we sent.

You can also sign up for weather alerts on this website.

We have a washer & dryer for pet bedding in the Maintenance laundry room. If your pet sleeps on your bed please consider washing this bedding in that washer as well as some guests have pet allergies and any pet hair left behind can trigger those allergies. And it is always a common courtesy to wipe out the machines and empty the lint trap after use! Thank you in advance!

Summer Fun – Monday Socials

Monday June 5th – Popcorn Bunco

  • Bring your favorite popcorn to share! Bunco is just rolling dice and lots of fun!

Monday June 12th – Bingo Potluck (Italian style)

  • We will still have a bingo sign-up sheet to ensure we have 25, but let’s eat!

Monday June 19th – Birthday Celebration!

  • Food truck (BBQ) at 5pm; DJ from 6-9pm; Let’s Celebrate!!
  • Ice cream and cake provided!

Monday June 26th – Game Night

  • Bring snacks and let’s play! Nickels, Samba, Hand & Foot, Mexican Train Dominoes
  • Whatever other games we get interest in!

Recurring Activities for June

Eccentrics Class

  • Mon, Wed, Fri 9am

Line Dancing

  • Mon, Wed 10:30am
  • Beginners Fri 10:30am


  • Tues, Thurs, Sun 2pm

Pool Aerobics – NEW!

  • Tues, Thurs 7pm

Belle Parc Caring Group

We have non-perishable food available in the Activity Center. Drop it off if you’ve got it or take it if you need it! Caring is sharing and we want to make sure no one goes without.

Memorial Day 5/29

Thank you to all who planned, set-up, attended, and cleaned up for our Memorial Day event! We had 55 guests who came to show their respect.

A special “Thank you” to our veterans who read remembrance poems and led us in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. They are Gil Mathews, Bob Tyszka, Tim Fisk, Sheila LeMon, and Randy Dunaway. Chris Cherry read the meaning of the Missing Soldier Table as well as the prayer.

Other June happenings

Fri, 6/16                   Friday Swim

Play volleyball or just relax!

Sat, 6/17                  Charcuterie

Class $35, sign up by 6/14

Sat 6/24                   Blood Drive

We will also have 2 food trucks!

Cinnabus (yup, huge cinnamon buns)

Coffee truck serving hot/cold coffee, tea, fraps, etc.


Please ensure you pick up all items in your yard that could be damaged or cause damage to property or persons. Our staff may move items as necessary to avoid injury or damage.

As you know the winds can pick up any time! If you are going to be away from your RV, please remember to check the weather forecast and bring in your awning as well as yard items that could become projectiles.

Walking Pets

We love all pets and we really appreciate if when guests pick up their pet feces with the bags we provide, tie the bag, and dispose of it in the containers provided!

Also, refrain from walking your pet on other guests’ sites, staying at least 6ft away from their RV. Please respect the boundaries of other guests’ sites as you would expect them to respect your site boundaries.

Coming Next Month – Our Fabulous

4th of July Pool Party!!

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