December 2022 NEWSLETTER

2022-Volume 4

Happy Holidays from all of us at Belle Parc. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  Thanks to our special volunteer elves who have crafted and installed decorations throughout the resort, to guests who decorated the tree in the Activity Center, and a thank you to our guests who are decorating their homes, RVs and sites.  Belle Parc has never looked so festive.  Please remember to not cover the 5-digit 911 site number on the lamp post at your site as this number guides emergency vehicles to your site location. Guests should not drill holes in the concrete or decks for any reason.  Care should be taken when placing anything in the ground as there are wires, cables and pipes close to the surface in all areas of the resort.  Also be careful of any wires strung on or off the ground as these can become tripping hazards or can be damaged by our mowing equipment. 

Our dedicated staff are here to help you with all your requests and needs.  If you need any assistance, please call the main office at (352) 593-5852 and select from available options.  If no one answers, please leave a message and we will return your call.  The Reservation Office is open Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm; Saturday and Sunday 10am – 4pm. You can also reach the Reservation Office via email at

The Mail Center Office is open Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm; Saturday 10am – 4pm.  The building is open 24/7 for guests to access their personal mail boxes. The Mail Center has its own outside entrance, to the far left of the Welcome Center building, which is at the entrance to Belle Parc. 

The Activity Center is across the lake from the Welcome Center and the office is open Monday – Saturday 10am – 2pm.  If you cannot reach the staff in person or via telephone, their email is

The Resort has the capability of texting notifications to guests; however, due to the high cost and limitations on message size and attachments, this will only be used in case of emergency.  If you have more than one telephone number on file, please let our staff know which one should be used for emergency texts, should they occur.  If you would like all email notifications to be sent to your phone, please provide the email address for your phone.  If you chose to do this, there may be size limits and the attachments may not appear as they do on your computer. 

For after-hours maintenance emergencies only, such as water, sewer and electric, please call (352) 587-7172.  For all medical and other emergencies, please call 911 and give them your 5-digit site number and street name. This was provided to you upon check-in and is also on the lamp post on your site.  Do NOT give them the Resort address; that will take them to the Welcome Center instead of your site.  Belle Parc has a siren operated sensor system that allows emergency vehicles to automatically open the gate upon arrival. Do NOT direct them to enter through the back gate, which is padlocked and is only to be used in the case of an evacuation order.

There is an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) machine in the Activity Center.

Your go-to place for general Resort information and upcoming activities is on cable TV channel 3.  This information plays continuously in a loop; if you miss something, it will play again.  If you do not use the Resort cable, this channel is always playing on the TV in the Welcome Center.  We have also added a second Message Board at the Welcome Center; the other is at the Fitness Center.  These are updated daily.

For the safety and comfort of guests and your pets, please keep your pets on a 4’ – 6’ non-retractable leash and under the owner’s control at all times except while in our leash-free dog park.  Please pick up after your pet.  The areas surrounding sites and the berm in the lake are not pet walking areas.  Do not allow your pet to use another guest’s site to relieve themselves; in particular, do not allow your pet to urinate on other guests’ signs and yard ornaments.  Your pet should be no farther in the grass than one foot from the road surface.  It is hazardous to walk close to any natural water source or retention ponds as alligators and poisonous snakes inhabit those areas. Pets are not allowed in the resort buildings or in food service areas (like the food trailer) unless they are a certified service companion.

For the enjoyment and safety of all our guests, please obey all speed (10 MPH) and traffic signs throughout the resort.  Smoking is allowed only on your site.  Please note we have added the firepit behind the Activity Center as an exception this year and made it a designated smoking area. 

The Park Models have sold so we will not be renting them. 

For your safety and that of your pets, please do not feed stray animals or any wildlife in the Resort.  It is illegal to intentionally feed sandhill cranes and the American alligator.  Penalties include a fine up to $500 for violators.  When fed, wildlife can overcome their natural wariness and learn to associate people with food. When this happens, wildlife can become aggressive; some alligators have had to be removed and killed. Please enjoy and photograph wildlife only from a safe distance.

The Florida RV Trade Association will host the 38th Annual RV SuperShow, the nation’s largest RV Show. It returns once again to the expansive Florida State Fairgrounds, Wednesday, January 18 through Sunday, January 22.  Coupons for discounted admittance fees will be available in limited quanties in January.

Propene purchases for Class A, B and C RVs is cash only beginning this year.  The sign-up sheet is in the Mail Center.  The driver comes every Wednesday. You must be present to obtain service.

Theresa Woods, Resort Manager
Cheri and Marjie

Reservation Office

In addition to taking reservations and payments, you can also call us when you need a work order placed to fix an issue with your site, for maintenance concerns with any of our buildings or grounds, if you would like to set up an Internet cable modem installation or to request a mower or weed eater delivered to your site.  We do not loan ladders to guests.

If you would like us to automatically make your site fee and electric payments (and Internet charges if applicable) each month, you can complete an authorization form and we will make those payments either on the 1st or 15th of each month until paid in full. We have laundry quarters available here.

Jackets and Hoodies for sale.  Just in time for the cool weather!  Belle Parc Jackets and hoodies are now on sale in the Reservation Office.  We also have t-shirts, golf shirts and hats for sale.  If we do not have the size you want, please let us know and we will attempt to order these from our vendor to arrive before February 1.

The Welcome Center has a TV and 2 very comfortable recliners, as well as tables/chairs and plenty of books to borrow. The door on the left side is left unlocked during the day and you can use the code to enter later in the evening. You are also welcome to use the tables/chairs on the back deck.  Library books are also available in the Activity Center at the front door and in the cabinets in the Fitness Center.  Games and puzzles are also available in these areas.

  • Our offices will close at 1pm on Tuesday, December 13th for our staff Christmas Party. 
  • We will close at 1pm on Christmas Eve and remain closed Sunday, December 25.
  • We will reopen Monday, December 26th at 9am.
  • We will close at 1pm on Saturday, December 31st for New Year’s Eve
  • We will reopen Sunday, January 1 for New Year’s Day 2023

Rhonda, Kim, Judy A, Susan, Bob, Deb

Mail Center

The United States Postal Service delivery time has changed; therefore, we are sometimes unable to process all mail before the end of day.  It will be processed the next morning.  We do check for perishable items and handle them accordingly. Please note that we do our best to process mail as it arrives. 

Many cell phone apps send delivery notices that mail or packages have been delivered to Belle Parc.  Please note that these messages are not always accurate and we may not have actually received the package.  A recent example is a guest who was notified that a package was delivered by USPS; however, the notification was sent on Veteran’s Day when the USPS was closed.

The mailroom is particularly busy this time of year.  We average more than 80 packages per day and that is in excess of letter mail! So, please ensure you pick up your package(s) on a daily basis, so we have room for more.  We will call or email you when packages arrive.  If you want to check on a delivery, we can be reached at 352 593-5852 option 4 or via email

We secure guest mail in locked mail boxes that guests can access, with a key that corresponds to your 3-digit site # at any time.  Please visit us to pick up your key.  There is a $25 charge for lost keys.   

Small to medium size boxes that do not fit inside your personal mailbox will be locked into one of our cubbies; we will place a lettered key that will open the corresponding larger lettered bins above and below the guest mailboxes.  For boxes that do not fit in the bins, you will be alerted with a brightly colored note in your mail box that you will need to present to the mailroom attendee during open hours.  Please drop the lettered bin key into the metal “KEY RETURN BOX” found on the barn doors over the counter. We appreciate everyone picking up their boxes as soon as possible as the mail room gets very crowded.

Very large or heavy deliveries, such as furniture, RV parts or Vehicle parts, should be picked up by the guest directly from the delivery driver.  If guests cannot be found to pick up these items upon delivery, staff will refuse the shipment and let the guest know.  We do not have room to store very large items and our staff is not equipped to handle very heavy items.  If you have ordered recliners or other furniture that will arrive crated it must be delivered directly to your site or you must be able to come immediately to pick it up off the truck. And speaking of large furniture, if you replace furniture in your RV/home, then you are responsible for removing the old one and taking it to the Hernando County landfill. You can reach them at 352-754-4112.

We have concierge items in the racks on the walls for things to do in the area.

A box for Lost and Found items is located in the Mail Center. There are currently clothes and a yard flag waiting to be claimed.

Bob, Susan and Denny

Grounds, Maintenance, IT Services

If you need assistance, please contact the office and they will complete a work order request so service requests can be prioritized. We appreciate your patience; we process all work orders, including for Internet as soon as possible. Please allow 24 hours for completion, except on weekends, which will be completed by the following Monday.  Our staff completed 1003 work orders during that past season. 

Fire Ants vs. Pyramid Ants – Belle Parc contracts to have the entire resort grounds treated for fire ants and that has been done this fall.  If you see what you think are fire ants, look closely.  Pyramid Ant nests are small and shallow and feature a single entrance hole surrounded by a crater-shaped mound of excavated soil. They sometimes resemble small volcanoes. Pyramid ants are natural predators of other ants, especially red fire ants. Other than building unsightly nests, pyramid ants are typically not a nuisance to human beings.  These ants normally do not sting or behave aggressively towards humans. However, they may bite if their nest is disturbed.   Fire Ants build nests, called mounds, by pushing up soil as they tunnel in the earth; the mounds are usually flat or domed shaped. You can tell you have fire ants if you see a mound of fluffy worked soil, particularly a few days after a heavy rain. The mound has no opening in the center like most ant mounds. Fire ants leave and enter the mound housing the colony through underground tunnels. Do Not Disturb these nests; fire ants swarm and bite numerous times and cause painful blisters.  If you believe you have fire ants, please bring a small baggie to the maintenance show between 8am – 4pm for pellets to put on their mounds.

If you plan to be away from the Resort for an extended period of time, please let the office know if there is anyone we need to contact in case of an emergency and if you will be leaving a key with anyone.  We’d appreciate knowing when you will depart and return. As it is the guest’s choice to depart earlier than their departure date, once vacated, sites will be made available to rent to new guests.  This is standard practice in the RV industry.  Also, please pick up any items in your yard that could be damaged or cause damage during mowing activities or during a wind burst.

Internet service – we cannot guarantee uninterrupted service.  We try to give guests notice when the system needs to be taken down for service.  We are dependent upon the service provided by Spectrum.  If you are having issues, please let the office know.  Facebook comments are not a substitute for alerting staff and will not be addressed on that forum.

The SPEED LIMIT is 10 MPH in all areas of the Resort for all wheeled vehicles (including golf carts, bicycles, scooters, motorcycles).

NIGHT SAFETY:  Golf Carts must have working lights and must be turned on. Bicycles must have lights or reflectors.  Wear light colored or reflective clothing if you are out walking.  By law, golf carts are prohibited outside the resort.

GARBAGE CONTAINERS are located behind the shop, next to our off-site storage, and in the back of park site area.  Garbage is not to be stored on site at any time.  The Resort does not offer at site garbage pick-up.  Large items should not be placed in front of the garbage dumpsters, neither should they be cut apart in order to fit into the trash receptacles.  Hernando County Solid Waste & Recycling offers three locations to drop off furniture, large trash items, construction and demolition debris, yard waste, recycling and certain hazardous materials.

  • East Hernando Convenience Center 33070 Cortez Boulevard Ridge Manor, FL 33523 (352) 540-6205
  • Northwest Solid Waste & Recycling Facility (Main Landfill) 14450 Landfill Road Brooksville, FL 34614 (352) 754-4112
  • Solid Waste and Recycling Administration Office 14450 Landfill Road Brooksville, FL 34614 (352) 754-4112
  • West Hernando Convenience Center 2525 Osowaw Boulevard Spring Hill, FL 34607 (352) 754-4770

No permanent structures or items are allowed for guests staying less than 6 months. This includes planting trees, shrubs or flowers or laying paving stones.  Please do not secure items to sites or decks.

For all Motorhomes, and for Fifth Wheels that are 40ft or longer, if you do not have blocks under your jacks, please let us know.  Jacks can seriously damage the concrete, especially on heavier vehicles.  We have wooden blocks available to use while you are here.  We will charge a refundable deposit of $35 to your reservation invoice.

Belle Parc has equipment for guests’ use for mowing and trimming grass at their site.  Please complete a liability waiver available at the office when mowing your own site, even if you use your own equipment.  When you need to use Belle Parc equipment, please call the office so we can complete a work order and the equipment will be brought to your site, except on weekends.

Maintenance will pick up your bagged leaves.  As a reminder, please ensure you don’t pack the bags too full. If the bag breaks while being picked up, which can happen, especially if there are sticks included with leaves, maintenance does not have the manpower to re-bag them. Thank you for your assistance in keeping your site neat and clean.

If you are interested in volunteering for maintenance projects, please contact the office.

Mike F, John W, Randy, Mike M, Dawn, Paul, Ron E, Monica, Ron S, John L


There are two laundry facilities at Belle Parc; one is at the end of the Maintenance Building and the other is in the Fitness Center, in the back of the building.  Both of these areas are conditioned and there is a TV room in the Maintenance Building laundry facility.  There is a dedicated pet washer and dryer in the Maintenance Building laundry.  Please do not use other machines for pet articles.  Please clean out lint filters and put lint in the garbage cans.  This assures the next guest will have a clean machine to use.  Please be aware that some guests have pet allergies and only use the dedicated machines for pet items.  Quarters are needed for the machines and can be purchased at the Activity Office, The Mail Center and the Reservation Office, whole rolls ($10) only, please.

Please do not leave clothes in the washers or dryers unattended.  If you must leave while the machines are running, please return as soon as possible so all guests can use our facilities.

Please do not use Canadian coins in the laundry machines; they will jam the mechanism and keep the equipment from operating. 

We have high-efficiency (HE) washers and any excess detergent causes lots of bubbles that can overflow the machines and floor drains.  Please use HE detergent as the excess bubbles cannot be drained.  It also causes your laundry to not spin and drain correctly, resulting in overly wet clothes.  If you use detergent pods, please add them to the empty washer drum before adding clothes and water; the pod must be placed directly in the drum, never in a dispenser drawer.

Dee, Jan, Jill

Guest Services and Activities

From Guest Services staff and me, welcome to everyone!  December is packed full of things to do.  If you haven’t received a copy of the calendar and recurring activity schedule for December, stop by the Activity Center or check our guest information boxes located at the front of the Activity Center and the front of the Welcome Center.

  • Meet N’ Greet on December 5th is the “Luck of the Draw” event at the Pavilion
  • December 9th is the closing date for signup for the dinner cruise $60.00pp
  • Saturday, December 10th is our first poker walk for the season.  Sign up for your entrance fee by December 7th, 2pm at the Activity Center. 
  • Monday, December 12th is the Dinner Cruise 5pm 
  • Tuesday, December 13th is our staff Christmas Party.  Our offices will close at 1pm and the Activity Center will be closed to guests from noon – 5pm
  • Our guest White Elephant gift exchange will be on Wednesday, December 14th, 6:30pm – ?  at the Pavilion weather permitting or the Activity Center.  Please sign up by December 12th in the Activity Center hallway if you wish to participate.  $20.00 gift pp
  • Thursday, December 15th @1pm in the Activity Center, Karen Cruse (one of our guests) will offer a free stitching cards class for anyone interested.  The class will cost $7.00 pp for the materials – be sure to sign up in Activity Center Hallway by Friday, December 9th if you wish to attend. Please bring Scotch tape and scissors if possible.
  • Friday, December 16th @ 5pm, starting at the Welcome Center is our annual golf cart parade.  Bring on your bling!  We will do a trip through the resort during the daylight and another at dark!
  • Saturday, December 17th is the annual “Wreaths Across America” event at Florida National Cemetery.  Check out the TV info channel or our Activity Staff for further information.
  • Tuesday, December 20th, is our annual cookie exchange, 2pm-? at the Activity Center.  Make sure to sign up in Activity Center hallway by Saturday, December 17th @ 2pm if you bringing cookies.
  • Wednesday, December 21st, winter officially begins and we will do our Christmas Site decoration contest with the 1st and 2nd place awards being announced by the 23rd.  Good luck everyone!
  • Saturday, December 24th, 3pm-5pm @ the Activity Center will be our annual Christmas Eve dinner.  Free to all registered guests.  Please sign up in the Activity Center hallway if you are attending by Thursday, December 15th @ 2pm. $7.00 charge for extra guests; please include them in your sign-up information so we can get a good estimate for purchasing food.
  • Saturday, December 31st, 8pm-until “just past” midnight our New Year’s Eve party.  Live music and dancing – held in the Pavilion.  Free to all registered guests BYOB & BYOS

Serving and cleaning supplies have been restored to the drawers beside the refrigerator in the Activity Center for guest use.  Dish drying towels, dish washing rags, serving utensils are available in the drawers as well as aluminum foil and plastic wrap.  Dish soap is available under the sink.  The brown towels in the dispenser have been replaced with more absorbent white towels.  Thank you for helping us keep our facilities clean and neat.

We are having a covered, lighted area installed behind the Activity Center for guests’ use.  We hope this will be completed in time for New Years’ Eve and will let you know.

A new Elliptical machine is available for guests’ use in the Fitness Center.

Firewood is provided for guests’ use upon request for a group activity at the fire pit only.  Please let the activity staff know in advance, so they can have wood brought to the fire pit.  Guests who wish to burn wood at their site should purchase their own from local vendors.  Only small amounts of wood can be stored at sites (enough for one or two fires).  If you wish to purchase larger supplies, please check with the office to see if there is room in our off-site storage area.

We will have another Medicare seminar in February; details to be determined and communicated. Those who attended the one last week found this informative and helpful.  During the first three months of the year, we are told that changes can be made to open enrollment choices should they be needed. 

Feel free to contact the Guest Services staff if you have questions by stopping by the Activity Office 10am-2pm Monday through Saturday or by sending us an email anytime to  Also, you can call the main number and use option 3 to leave a voice message if you’d like.  If you need service or have other questions for Belle Parc staff, please call the reservation office.

There is now a TV in Belle’s Place for our guests’ enjoyment.  We plan to use Belle’s Place for other events and to use the Activity Center kitchen for serving guests dinners and Saturday breakfast.  We will notify you when the proper approvals have been obtained.  If we can get a volunteer or volunteers for the Sunday ice cream social, we will bring it back.  If you are interested in volunteering for this, contact any Guest Service member.

From the Guest Services staff – enjoy your time at Belle Parc RV Resort!

Glenn Woods, Guest Services Director
Art, Marge, Gail, Judie, Bill, Ellen, Steve, Lorrie, Dee, Jan, Jill


There is a public Friends In Belle Parc group on Facebook that is available for guests to communicate with each other.  If you would like to be added to that group, search for the group within Facebook or follow the above link to send a request to be added to the group.  If you experience difficulties, let our Guest Services staff know by stopping by the Activity Office or by sending us an email to  If you need service or have a question for Belle Parc staff, please call the office.  We strive to post activity communications to this group but do not monitor it as closely as we do our emails. Any questions or problems will be addressed more thoroughly and quickly by contacting the appropriate staff. 

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