December 2021 Newsletter

2021-Volume 5

The resort is looking very festive. We appreciate everyone who has decorated their vehicles and sites and we hope guests take a look around the resort during the day and at night to see all the beautiful decorations and lights. Please remember to not cover the 5-digit 911 site number on the lamp post at your site. Emergency responders need that address to find your site when they come to the resort. I’d also like to thank the staff who decorated inside and outside the buildings and the guests who helped decorate the Christmas tree in the Activity Center.

If you plan to be away from the resort for the holidays (or at any other extended period of time), please let the office know if there is anyone we need to contact in case of an emergency and if you will be leaving the key with anyone. Please pick up and stow any outside items that could be damaged or cause damage during mowing activities or a wind burst.

We received more park models this summer for sale. They are ready for viewing and we are in the process of setting up an open house. If you are interested in purchasing one, please contact the office for information. We do not rent park models and viewing is by appointment only.

Our electrician is still in the process of adding more and brighter lighting, insulation and other improvements to the Pavilion. Unfortunately, we are waiting for city/county inspectors to approve work that has been done before we can proceed.

We strive keep our grounds and facilities in top-notch condition; to be a welcoming place to stay; and a place to come to get to know new friends and visit old ones. Pet waste not properly being disposed of continues to happen. This is unsightly and unsanitary. If you see someone not abiding by any of our resort policies, please let our staff know so we can take appropriate action.

Please remember that we are still in the middle of a pandemic. Occupancy signs are located on all buildings and the pool area and our Covid-19 policy is posted on all doors. Please keep yourselves and each other safe. If you have tested positive for Covid-19 it is your responsibility to self-isolate, on your site, even if you are not displaying any symptoms. Please be considerate and notify anyone you may have exposed. Guests who have tested positive may not leave their site, even to walk pets. (We will deliver your mail to your site. You may take your garbage to the dumpster so long as you wear a mask and gloves.) Please do not let other guests approach you if you are sitting outside; let them know that you are in isolation. Do not use any resort buildings or attend any activities. Do not approach any guest or staff member. Per the CDC you can be around others after 10 days since symptoms first appeared and 24 hours with no fever without the use of fever-reducing medications and other symptoms of covid-19 are improving.

Enjoy this wonderful season. See the information below for information on our policies and processes and lots of things to do in the coming weeks. I think I can promise you that the weather, although sometimes unpredictable, will be warm, sunny and no sleet or measurable snow will fall. You definitely won’t need an ice scraper or shovel.

Theresa Woods, Resort Manager
Administration Office Staff: Cheri and Marjie

Reservation Office

A safety reminder for all our guests: please memorize your 911 address as it is very important. Your welcome packet included a label on the front with this information, which you can put in a safe and easily-accessed place. The 5-digit sign on your lamp post and the street you are located on is the 911 address and will bring emergency vehicles directly to your site. And, speaking of emergencies, thanks to one of our guest’s suggestions, we will also be installing a siren operated sensor system that will allow emergency vehicles to automatically open the gate upon arrival, instead of having to stop and input the gate code. Although they always had the gate code and it has never stopped them from entering, this will make it quicker to get to you in an emergency.

For your convenience if you haven’t already done so, we can pay your bills (rent, electric, internet and storage) automatically every month for you. If you would like to sign-up, stop by the welcome center, help desk or call us so we can put the form in your mailbox to sign.

As it is getting colder out, stop in the Welcome Center and shop for new clothing with our new color line for ladies and men.

Watch your email and mailbox for information after the first of the year for Renewal Time for 2022-2023 Season!

If you haven’t called the office lately, you may not have noticed we have a new system and now you can reach our office, the mailroom, and activities! Call 352-593-5852 and press Option 1 (Reservation Desk); Option 3 (Activities); and Option 4 (Mailroom). Option 5 also gives you our address and website information.

We want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Reservation office staff.

Kim, Judy, Deb, Susan, Bob

Mail Center

Ever wonder how busy the mailroom is this time of year? We received 561 packages in the mailroom the first week of December, an average of 80 packages per day! So please ensure you pick up your package(s) on a daily basis, so we have room for more. We will call or email you when packages arrive. If you want to check on a delivery, we can be reached at 352 593-5852 option 4.

We will not be able to accept large, crated packages/boxes at the mailroom for delivery. If you have ordered recliners or other furniture that will arrive crated it must be delivered directly to your site or you must be able to come immediately to pick it up off the truck. And speaking of large furniture, if you replace furniture in your RV/home, then you are responsible for removing the old one and taking it to the Hernando County landfill. You can reach them at 352-754-4112.

We have concierge items in the racks on the walls for things to do in the area.

We are no longer able to offer fax services but we can scan and email items for you. Please see the office staff for assistance.

Grounds, Maintenance, IT Services

Firewood is provided for guests’ use upon request for a group activity at the fire pit only. Please let the activity staff know in advance, so they can have wood brought to the fire pit.

Guests who wish to burn wood at their site should purchase their own from local vendors. Only small amounts of wood can be stored at sites (enough for one or two fires). If you wish to purchase larger supplies, please check with the office to see if there is room in our off-site storage area.

All sites should now have new picnic tables. If you do not, please let us know. These tables should not be altered in any way by the guests, including cutting holes for umbrellas, cutting or painting/staining the surface or any other defacement. Do not place hot grills or any other items that will damage the tables. If the table is moved to the grass, it will be the guests’ responsibility to move the table back to the site pad so staff can mow and trim grass on sites. Guests will be charged the full cost for replacing any damaged or altered table.

Guests should not drill holes in the concrete or decks for any reason. Care should be taken when placing anything in the ground as there are wires, cables and pipes close to the surface in all areas of the resort.

Also be careful of any wires strung on or off the ground as these can become tripping hazards or can be damaged by our mowing equipment.

Guests are required to maintain their sites in a neat and orderly manner. Storage of any kind is not permitted around or under your RV.

Maintenance will pick up your bagged leaves. As a reminder, please ensure you don’t pack the bags too full. If the bag breaks while being picked up, which can happen, especially if there are sticks included with leaves, maintenance does not have the manpower to re-bag them. Thank you for your assistance in keeping your site neat and clean.

All street lights should be working now as we’ve been changing out the solar light batteries. Just let us know if you still have one that needs a new battery.

Need more storage space outside? We have now approved deck boxes on your site to a maximum size of 6ft wide x 4ft high x 4ft deep. They must be stored on the concrete, and they have to be removed when you leave the resort when your reservation has ended.

As the park is getting fuller and busier, please obey all stop signs as well as the speed limit throughout the park. This includes vehicles, bikes, and golf carts. Guests are walking and our little furry friends are on leashes. Thank you for helping us keep Belle Parc safe for everyone.

Mike F, Maintenance Supervisor
John, Randy, Dennis, Ron, Mike M, Paul, Dawn, Monica


Please do not use Canadian coins in the laundry machines; they will jam the mechanism and keep the equipment from operating. We have high-efficiency (HE) washers and any excess detergent causes lots of bubbles that can overflow the machines and floor drains. Please use HE detergent as the excess bubbles cannot be drained. It also causes your laundry to not spin and drain correctly, resulting in overly wet clothes. If you use detergent pods, please add them to the empty washer drum before adding clothes and water; the pod must be placed directly in the drum, never in a dispenser drawer.

Dee, Cindy, Jan

Guest Services and Activities

Hello Belle Parc Family!

Welcome back or welcome to our 2021-2022 winter ‘snowbird season’. Whether you are a fulltime guest, a returning guest, or a new guest – you will see this really is our ‘home away from home’ and our second family.

If you missed our first newsletter for this season you can still get a printed copy from our Activity Staff or in the Welcome Center. We are offering a lot more to do this season and we hope everyone has as much to do as they want. Meet & Greet began on the 15th of November and we are offering more live & DJ music at least one or two per month.

Like last year, all paid events on the resort property will use tickets only. You can purchase tickets at the Dutch-door in our Activity Center. You asked last year and we listened. So, you can now buy tickets for a la carte sides from the food trailer and now snacks at the Activity Center! We have drinks, candy bars and other small items if you have a hankering and don’t want to leave the Resort.

Christmas is fast approaching and so is New Year’s Eve. No worries – there is still much to do in December. The White Elephant gift exchange on December 15th was well attended and everyone enjoyed the gift swapping or (LOL) stealing. This Friday, December 17th, at 5pm will be our annual Christmas Parade. Starting at the Welcome Center at 5pm and doing a daylight and twilight run for all to enjoy or be involved in. Holiday decorated golf carts, bicycles, and other small electric or person-powered vehicles are welcome and a 1st and 2nd prize will be awarded. Cookies and Hot Cocoa will be offered at the Activity Center during and after the event – ENJOY!

Saturday, December 18th all offices will close at 2pm and the Activity Center will also be closed @ 11am that day for our annual Staff party and the Activity Center will reopen by 6pm. Also, on December 18th, 10:30am, the Wreaths Across America ceremony will be happening at the Florida National Cemetery. See the Activity Center for more information.

Tuesday, December, 21st at 2pm in the Activity Center is our annual cookie exchange. Sign up by 2pm on December 18th and Darlene site 242 will contact you for the quantity to bring.

Wednesday, December 22nd, sometime in the pm our Resort manager will make the rounds for the annual site decorating judging and 1st and 2nd prizes will be awarded here as well.

Christmas Eve, Friday, December 24th is our resort dinner. Our staff is busy planning, buying, and soon preparing a delicious homemade dinner. Just an FYI for our guests the resort staff will be closing up early (1pm) on Christmas Eve and all offices will be closed all day on Christmas Day, December 25th. Also, the offices will close early (1pm) on New Year’s Eve.

Finally, Friday, December 31st, 8pm to just past midnight will be our annual New Year’s Eve party. BYOB – BYOS and enjoy live music with the Joe Solomon Music Act! Don’t forget our regular recurring events, food, crafts, bingo and more will still be happening. January 2022 will see more live music, cruises and more!

MarinaRose Dinner Cruise in Hernando Beach on Wednesday, January 12 at 5pm. This is a private group from Belle Parc and includes dinner, catered by Carrabba’s. The cost is $60 per person and includes tax and gratuity. There is a limit of 18 people; the cut-off date for payment is January 5. Please sign up and pay at the Activity Center; the office is open from10am – 2pm Monday through Saturday. Transportation to Hernando Beach will not be provided; carpooling is recommended. Please arrive by 4:45pm. No refunds or cancellations after January 5th. To book the cruise only, the cost is $29.95. Feel free to order an appetizer.

Tickets are available for the January 22 performance of A Ring of Fire – a Johnny Cash and family tribute to be held Saturday, January 22nd, 2022 12:00pm Seating/Buffet, 1:30pm Show. This is being held at the Suncoast Dinner Theatre, previously known as the Hudson Dinner Theatre. Tickets will be on sale in the Activity Office until the day before the show. If we get 12 guests to attend, the price will be $45.79 per person.

Bingo is cancelled for the last 2 weeks of December. January 6 will be the next regular bingo. The next booze bingo will be January 11.

Also, Thursday dinner for the day before Christmas Eve is also cancelled.

We are getting rid of some extra paperback books; these are in the Activity Center in the back room in a bin if you would like to go through them before we give them to a charity. Books for use are located on the bookshelves in the Activity Center, Welcome Center and in the cabinets in the Fitness Center. Games, DVDs, and puzzles are also located in these areas for your use. If you have books you would like to donate, we’d be happy to take them

Feel free to contact the Guest Services staff if you have questions by stopping by the Activity Office or by sending us an email to or you can call the main number and use option 3 to leave a message for us. If you need service or have a question for Belle Parc staff, please call the reservation office.

From the Guest Services staff – Art, Marge, Mary, Gail, Bill, Ellen, Tonica, Jason, Dee, Cindy, Jan and myself, Happy Holidays, welcome and enjoy your time here!

Glenn Woods, Guest Services Director
Art, Marge, Mary, Gail, Bill, Ellen, Tonica, Jason, Dee, Cindy, Jan
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