2022-Volume 3

We have had another wonderful “snowbird” season; we appreciate having each of you with us for lots of relaxation, food, companionship and fun. There is still more to come; see Activities and Guest Services below.  We hope to see you at the Guest Appreciation Day festivities on Thursday, March 24 and for all our great staff and volunteers, at our Staff and Volunteer Appreciation celebration on March 30.  We have had a record number of guests who volunteered in large and small ways and we hope to be able to thank each of you in person.  Many classes and activities could not have happened without your help.  Thank you for sharing your time and talent.

In case of severe weather in Hernando County – there are no tornado shelters in Florida. Shelters (listed below) are for hurricane emergencies only.  Should there be significant damage to an area, a shelter may be opened after a tornado.

You can also contact the Hernando County Emergency Management Department:
18900 Cortez Blvd. Brooksville, FL 34601
Phone (352) 754-4083
Fax (352) 754-4090
Recorded Message Line (352) 754-4111

Hurricane shelters will be open in case of a hurricane. There may be additional precautions due to Covid-19.  If you have specific questions, please contact them.  There are no tornado shelters in Florida.  Guests need to scout the area for a place to go in case of severe storm emergency. Hernando Emergency Management also suggests guests subscribe to a severe weather phone app for warnings that would come through on their phone, or keep a weather radio available.

For more information, please contact Hernando Emergency Management at (352) 754-4083 or visit

An interactive hurricane evacuation map for Hernando County can be accessed at

Belle Park’s buildings are not rated for hurricane or severe storm shelters.  The closest hurricane shelters are:

  • Hernando County High School (no pets allowed)
  • 700 Bell Avenue
  • Brooksville
  • (352) 797-7015
  • D.S. Parrott Middle School (pet friendly – crate and shots records are needed)
  • 19220 Youth Drive
  • Brooksville
  • (352) 797-7075

Please pay attention to our pool rules and regulations.  Our pool and spa are not licensed for night use. The following are not allowed at the pool/spa area:  wood fires, glass containers of any kind, pets.  Chairs cannot be moved close enough to the pool or spa for guests to put their feet in the water; this area is strictly for use for emergencies.  There are two umbrellas that guests can move around. Umbrellas will need to be opened by staff as they must be taken down when it gets windy. 

Due to Covid, we had suspended our 50-50 prize drawings.  We will be bringing this back on Guest Appreciation Day.  Half of the proceeds goes to the guest who wins the drawing (you must be present to win). The other half of the drawing goes into our activity funds to sponsor other activities and awards such as our decorating contests. 

The phone system has been updated; we have added an option 2 for current guest general assistance. We have processed 628 work orders since October 1.

We are already in the planning stages for next season.  We hope to have more off-site group activities; response was low for some events due to Covid.  Pavilion upgrades will continue, including finishing the walls, installing air conditioning and heating, installing a dance floor and a kitchen area. 

For those who will be leaving us soon, please see below for instructions to get you checked out and on your way.  Be safe on the road, have a fun summer wherever your RV takes you, and we look forward to seeing you in the future.  For our yearly guests, we hope you have a wonderful summer at Belle Parc.  We will be hosting a few events throughout the summer months.

The “Friends In Belle Parc” group on Facebook  is a good way for guests to keep up with friends throughout the summer and until we meet again.  If you have questions or comments that you’d like to direct to us, the email and will continue to be monitored during the summer. We do not always see Facebook posts, as they continually go to the end of our newsfeed so an email or a phone call is the best way to contact us.

Four more Park Models will be delivered this summer.  If you are interested in purchasing a park model, please contact the office to have your name and phone number added to our “interest” list. We will contact those interested as information becomes available.  We do not rent these park models and we do not sell the sites.

The office will close at 11 am on Thursday, March 24 so that our staff can enjoy Guest Appreciation Day and at 2pm on March 30 for Staff and Volunteer Appreciation celebration.

I’d like to thank all of our staff and volunteers who work so hard to keep everything flowing as smoothly as possible and keeping Belle Parc so beautiful, clean and an enjoyable place to stay.  Due to these efforts, Belle Parc consistently rates 4 -5 stars on Google and other web sites and we consistently maintain a 10-10-10 Good Sam rating.  We also wish to thank our guests, as these ratings also reflect the friendly, quiet atmosphere and other guests’ helpful and courteous efforts and their willingness to share their RV knowledge and adventures.    

Theresa Woods, Resort Manager


Hi Belle Parc!

This will be our last newsletter for the snowbird season.  Our second summer seems to go by so fast.  It feels like we just arrived and now we are preparing to leave for our northern summer events.

Rest assured our entire staff will do our best to make your remaining time here is filled with things to do.  Remember, just because we are switching to our summer season doesn’t mean all events will end – some will end, some will change, some may go all summer long!  I will continue to monitor our email.  I will continue updating our TV information channel and our recurring events.  The reservation office will post and have paper copies of any changes or updates if you cannot view the TV information channel.  Email updates may not occur weekly but will occur if anything needs to be passed on to our guests still at the resort.

If you missed our other newsletters for this season, you can still get a printed copy from our Activity Staff up to April 1st or on our website We have offered more to do this season and we hope everyone has had as much to do as they want.  If you haven’t already; please fill out your activity suggestion form that you received in your arrival packet before you leave this season with any suggestions you may have for next season.  We do read these and we will do our best to make those things happen.

Our “Meet n’ Greet” gatherings on Mondays from 5pm-6:30pm will continue in the Pavilion through the end of March and guests still here April and May can continue to meet and greet if they like.  This is a free event to enjoy and meet your neighbors.  Remember this is a BYOB-BYOS event.

So far, the weather in March is not cooperating with outdoor events – hopefully this trend will not continue!  I hope everyone was able to get outside on Sunday, March 13th  for the yard sale.

  • Upcoming events in March!  Please keep tuned in to our email updates and check our bulletin boards throughout the resort.
    • Thursday, 3/17, St. Patrick’s dinner 4pm-5pm and free dance 6pm-9pm in the Pavilion
    • Bingo for Thursday, 3/17 has been moved to Friday, 3/18
    • Friday, 3/18 our last blood drive of the year
    • Wednesday, 3/23 is the last Bible Study for the season
    • Thursday, 3/24, 12pm-5pm our annual “Guest Appreciation Day
      • games – food – prizes – music – dancing
      • food serving 12pm-3pm @ food trailer and Dutch-door
      • Live music 1pm-4pm @ the Pavilion
      • Games for prizes beginning @ 1pm by the Dutch-door and other areas near Pavilion
    • Friday, 3/25 will be the last instructor led line dancing class for the season
    • Sunday, 3/27 will be the last Worship Service for the season
    • Monday, 3/28, 12pm-3pm Pool Party, with free live music
      • Food trailer service will be extended one hour to cover the event – 12pm-3pm $7.00
    • Wednesday, 3/30 is our Volunteer and Staff Appreciation Celebration
      • Volunteers (if you did anything to benefit the resort or our fellow guests, whether it was an hour, a day, or the season… you are a volunteer)
      • Finger foods, sandwiches, drinks, door prizes
      • Please Sign up at the Activity Center if you plan to attend and please bring your significant other
    • Friday April 1st @ 2pm, will be our last official office day at the Activity Center

Feel free to contact the Guest Services staff if you have questions now by stopping by until April 1st or during the summer season by sending us an email to or you can call the main number and ask to leave a message for us – remember I will still be monitoring emails and messages. If you need service or have a question for Belle Parc staff, please call the reservation office.

Okay!  I think I have covered the happenings at Belle Parc for March!  However, one thing I cannot say enough – thanks to our Guest Services staff – Art, Marge, Mary, Gail, Bill, Ellen, Paul, Dee, Cindy and Jan and thanks to the rest of Belle Parc’s staff and our great volunteers for all the special things they do to make this a great resort!  Have a great March, enjoy your spring and summer and we will see you in the Fall for our 2022-2023 season!  


Glenn Woods, Guest Services Director


Staff will continue mowing each week as needed and every week throughout the summer, weather permitting.  Please pick up any yard items that could be damaged or cause damage to property or persons, including items around lamp posts, utility posts, pedestals and elsewhere on your site.  Also, if your awning is out and staked in the grass, please pull in the awning and take the stakes up, so the mowers can get to that area. Otherwise, you will need to mow and/or trim weeds yourself.  If you decide to mow your site, please let the office know.  You will need to complete a liability waiver.

Please remember that high winds can be an issue in our area.  If you are going to be away from your RV, please remember to check the weather forecast and, if high winds are possible, please bring in your awning as well as yard items that could become projectiles.

Departure Information (see Reservations below for more information)

Modems: Failure to follow these rules could result in loss of modem deposit.

Please Do Not Remove the Internet Modem Box Yourself.

At Least 48 hours prior to your departure, please complete the request form (available at the Reservation office) to schedule the removal.  We will have one of our staff members come by your site to disconnect and remove your cable modem box and accompanying items.  Items removed from site by guests will be charged to the guest. 

  • Saturday/Sunday departures will require modem removal on Friday. Charges for cable modems not returned prior to departure will remain on your account.  Refundable $50 deposits will be processed only after our park technician removes the modem/coaxial cable; confirms splitter/filter remain on the cable pole; and submits the form to the Welcome Center Reservation office.
  • TV/Converter box can just be turned in to the Welcome Center.

Jack Blocks or other Belle Parc items:

If you borrowed a set of jack blocks or any other items, such as extension cords for your RV this season, please make sure to return it in order to receive a refund of your deposit.

Tow Dolly

Please give the reservation office 2 days’ notice to have your tow dolly brought to your site.

On-Site Storage:

  • Please advise the office staff if anyone is responsible for checking your unit while you’re away, and whether or not they have keys.
  • All water hoses, sewer hoses and cable wires must be stored in your RV. Connected power cords must be placed inside black corrugated pipe or PVC pipe to protect against mowing equipment damage.
  • Move RV to middle of the site and close all slides.
  • All outdoor items (chairs/patio furniture/lawn decorations) must be stored in your RV. No items can be left on site due to the possibility of them becoming projectiles during high winds. Belle Parc assumes no responsibility for items left on-site.
  • Please ensure Maintenance staff has confirmed the above prior to leaving the resort.
Mike and John


If you have a new reservation for next season, please ensure you either sign the digital documents or stop by the reservation office and sign your paperwork prior to leaving for the summer. We can now also email your invoice for signature!

Preparation and Instructions for Departure (see also under IT Maintenance and Grounds)

Welcome Signs:

You may take your personalized Belle Parc yard sign with you and bring it back next year or you may bring it to the Activities Center office for storage until next year. If the office is closed, please leave it in the hallway and our staff will get it.  Please note: if you take it home and forget it next year, a replacement will not be provided free of charge.

Electric Bills / Tow Dolly:

Please advise our reservation staff the day before your departure so that we can read your electric meter. Your final electric bill must be paid at the Welcome Center office before you leave or you may give us permission to charge your credit card on file for the remaining balance after departure, and we will send a receipt via email. Please give the office 2 days’ notice to have your tow dolly brought to your site.

On-Site Storage: (more information above under IT Maintenance and Grounds

  • Storage fees must be paid in full prior to your departure.
  • Please advise the office staff if anyone is responsible for checking your unit while you’re away, and whether or not they have keys.

Internet Cable Modem:

Please Do Not Remove Modem Box Yourself. At Least 48 hours prior to your departure, please complete the cable removal form and return it to the office so we can schedule one of our staff members to come by your site to disconnect and remove your cable modem box and accompanying items. Modem splitter, filters and cables removed from site will be charged to the guest. Charges for cable modems not returned prior to departure will remain on your account. Deposits will not be refunded until the modem is returned and we receive the certified form from our IT staff.

Rhonda, Kim, Judy, Deb, and Susan


  • Keys: Please make sure to return your mailbox key to the Mailroom. Failure to do so will incur a charge of $25 for a replacement. Our staff will give you a receipt upon return of your key, if you wish.
  • Mail Forwarding: Postal regulations have changed the way we are permitted to handle your mail as follows:
  • You may need to get a paper form from the US Post Office for forwarding your mail if you did not submit it as a temporary change on your original request.
  • First Class Mail that is directly addressed to you at our Elliot’s Way address cannot be forwarded and will be returned to the sender. It is your responsibility to change your mailing address prior to your departure.
  • First Class Mail that has been forwarded from your home address (yellow labels) will be sent back to your home post office for delivery. It is recommended that you stop forwarding at least one week prior to departure to avoid mail being in route after you have left.

Bob and Denny

Bob and Denny


Prior newsletters can be accessed from our website  The link Current Newsletter is just below the photo banner on the home page. The link is also under Resort Info.   If you would like a printed copy, you can pick one up in the Mail Center; also, in the Activity Office or Welcome Center TV / Internet Café room on the table just outside the reservation office.  There is a lot of important information in these newsletters and I recommend you read them.  If you are unable to access them from the website, please send an email to and we will email you a copy.

We make every effort to keep our guests informed of Belle Parc social and other Resort information and activities.  Our TV Channel 3 guide is updated as often as needed to include announcements and important Resort information.  For those of you who do not use our cable TV, I have included that general information the December 2021 newsletter. 

During the winter “snowbird” season, our Guest Services Director sends weekly updates to all guests from; our reservation staff periodically send updates on reservation issues from and our other office staff send updates for other office, maintenance and groundskeeping issues from Your email address is not visible to anyone else on these emails. We sometimes receive “undeliverable” messages from our server that an email was not delivered.  In that case, we verify that we have the correct email address and resend the email if necessary.  It sometimes occurs that we hear from guests that they are not receiving our emails; however, we have not received an “undeliverable” notification from our server for that guest.  If you do not receive at least one email per week, please check your email security settings and your spam filters to allow the above email addresses to your recognized contacts or your “safe” senders list. We download email addresses from our reservation software; there is no independent list of emails.  We unfortunately can only store one email per user profile.  Your email is automatically dropped from further messages as soon as you are checked out of our reservation system. 


There is a public Friends In Belle Parc group on Facebook that is available for guests to communicate with each other.  If you would like to be added to that group, search for the group within Facebook or follow the above link to send a request to be added to the group.  If you experience difficulties, let our Guest Services staff know by stopping by the Activity Office or by sending us an email to  If you need service or have a question for Belle Parc staff, please call the office.  We strive to post activity communications to this group but do not monitor it as closely as we do our emails. Any questions or problems will be addressed more thoroughly and quickly by contacting the appropriate staff. 

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