Expansion Photo Album

Looking south near Destination Way
From Ancient Trail to Lone Eagle Loop
Middle of Expansion Looking Westerly
First Row of Sewer - June
Materials - July
Materials - July
Last of Sewer in Phase 3
Water Phase 3
New Row of Water Pipe - Phase 3
Laying Water - Phase 3
Fire Hydrant - Phase 3
Phase 2
Road/Sewer at Entrance
Road/Sewer at Entrance
Phase 3 Water Main/Sewer completed
Phase 3 Water Main/Sewer completed
Phase 3 Water Main/Sewer completed
Phase 3 Water Main/Sewer completed
Phase 2 Sites/Water/Sewer
Phase 2 Sites/Water/Sewer
Phase 2 Sites/Water/Sewer
Taking out Septic System
Old Roads Surfaces Removed
Installing Sewer in Existing Sites
Connection of old and new sites
Lift Station
New Welcome Center
More sewer going in 8-29-16
View from across the lake of sewer installation.
Sewers going in by pool/lakefront sites
Sewers by gym/lodge
Lift Station Installed
Feed Line for Electric to new sites
Electric Line for new sites
New Deck at Welcome Center
New Deck at Welcome Center
Electric connected at US41 (park entrance)
Deck Steps Detail at Welcome Center
Deck Steps at Welcome Center
Sewer Completed; Water Being Installed
Water Being Installed In Existing Park
Water Connection To City Main
Connections From Old To New Sites
Installing water on the last row of sites
Concrete Forms
Poured concrete sites
Getting ready for rock
Lime rock on Terrac Site road
Lime rock on Lake Front site road
Concrete pads on back row
Forms for pull through sites
Interior site road ready for lime rock
Lake front sites being put back together
Terrace sites
New Pull-Through Sites
Sites by Park Model
Sites Accross From Park Model
Sites in front of Bath House
Sites behind the bath house
Ditch for Cable TV line
Road in front of Bath House
Adding rock on last road
All Roads In Existing Phase Have Rock
Next To Last Row of Site Pads In Existing Phase
Welcom Center Deck Posts
Park overview from Terrace Sites
Cable for TV at sites in existing park being installed
Rock on phase 2 reading for site pads
Sod laid around buildings and some sites
Grading roads in phase 3 for rock
Painting in Welcome Center
Welcome Center flooring
Railing on front deck
Site pads on entrance sites
Aprons on terrace sites
Site aprons on bath house row
Old pull through sites
All Roads Have Been Paved
Phase 2 open - 25 new sites
Terrace Sites
Lakefront Sites
Lakefront Sites
Lakefront Sites
Phase 2
Phase 2
Phase 2
Reservation Area being built
Phase 4 being  built
Phase 4 being built
Pads being poured in Phase 3
New Lakefront sites being built
More sites in phase 4
Trees around new lakefront sites
Paving in phase 3
More trees and paving in phase 3
Palm trees and sod in phase 3
Phase 3 paving is finished.
Site pads in phase 3 are completed
Phase 3 sod and trees
Wood burning fireplace at pool
Lake front site decks being expanded and lengthened
Ready for paving in phase 4
Expanding the Welcome Center back deck
Solar panel backup heat for pool and spa
Grill at poolside for resident use
New wall around the pool
Welcome Center
Reservation Area in Welcome Center
Last phase of sites - pads poured
New Lake Front Sites
New Lakefront Site Decks
New Lakefront Site Decks